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Are You Calling Yourself an Expert?

By Guest Blogger, Tyjuana Wilson © 2012

Finding one can be thought of as a godsend in some cases. Becoming one gives the unspoken right to teach, lead and coach. Too bad those who call themselves experts, are anything but.

Or are they?

Is the term “expert” relative? Are people too egotistical for their own good? In my quest for those who measure expertise, I am convinced that anyone who can persuade others into believing they are an expert in their field, is in fact an expert…in persuasion. The University of Texas at Austin offers the following four characteristics of experts:

● Expertise takes time to develop
● Experts see the world differently from novices
● Experts have skills that … Read More »

By Guest Blogger, Kaya Singer

Many people decide to start their own business because they want the freedom to do what they love, to be more creative and make a bigger difference in the world. Does this sound like you?

This definitely sounds like me! I began my first business venture for all the above reasons and they are still my main motivations. Ironically, I work many more hours than if I had a job. I don’t have a boss, but my clients are like my boss in a way. If I don’t provide what they want and need, I don’t get paid. It’s all about my niche clients. They are my experts.

I love what I do and I … Read More »

Are You a #Hashtag Hog?

By Guest Blogger, Tyjuana Wilson

It’s great to see how more people are getting into Twitter, especially the entrepreneurs. They understand that it’s the fastest way to push their brands and alert followers of an upcoming sale. But like everything else, Twitter can be done wrong. And like everything else, the wrong usually stems from something small that gets out of hand. In Twitter’s case, it’s the overdoing of the hashtags. It’s not unusual to see a tweet or 10 with more words with too many #s tacked onto them like a fly to a flytrap.

All of my Tweeps know exactly what I am referring to. All of my Tweeps know what a “Tweep” is.

I understand the reason … Read More »

How Not To Be a Creepy, Spammy Salesperson

By Guest Blogger, Tyjuana Wilson

You know the type – Their gifts to the world are unsolicited and unwanted. They annoy us so much that you can’t even hear or see what they have to offer. We never begin to discover how their product or service just might be what the business doctor ordered.

I understand. It can be quite tempting to send a mass email to everyone in your database or to those who connect with you through social media. All it takes is copy, paste and send. The problem is, many of these types of messages are ignored. There wasn’t an established relationship – not even a simple “hello” – and nobody wants just another solicitation.

Instead of … Read More »

8 Ways to Become a Millionaire

By Keith Cook

The current headlines read about Trayvon Martin and Richard Zimmerman. The story, sad and tragic as it is, remains cloudy and the reports from the media; we all know you can’t believe that stuff. This brings me to my point; what’s on the minds of Americans today?

I recently had an interview with Barb Stuhlemmer, CEO and creator of During our conversation, she provided me with some personal tips that enabled her to grow and develop an international coaching business and entrepreneur mindset, while touching hearts and creating lasting relationships along the way.

Listed below are 8 tips that Barb and countless other successful entrepreneurs and professionals like Jack Canfield, Oprah Winfrey, & Wayne Dyer … Read More »

By Joy Bing Fleming, MBA

On Tues, Jan 31, 2012, I had the distinct pleasure and opportunity to interview Laura Roeder. Laura Roeder is a social media marketing expert who teaches small businesses how to create their own fame and claim their brand online.

1. Tell me a little bit about yourself, your background and how you got started with social media.

Laura’s Response: When I first started my business, I was doing web design (making websites for small businesses where I lived in Chicago). When I would make the websites, I would always advice people about how they could use social media and online marketing to drive people to their site. I didn’t want to just make a website … Read More »

10 Ways to Get More Fans on Facebook

By Joy Bing Fleming, MBA

Have you created a Fan Page, but now you’re wondering – “How Do I Get People to ‘Like’ my Page? If so, you’re not alone. Many people struggle with getting Fans. Here are 10 ways to get more Fans.

  1. Create an Appealing Cover Photo & Customized Apps

    Cover Photos
    Cover photo dimensions are 851 x 315 px. To find a cover photo, you can visit: or – Other options are to design a cover photo yourself or use 1 of your own pictures.

    In your cover photo, you can capture the essence of your business and showcase your product or service. You could also include your logo and/or business tag line.

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