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We all have a desire to contribute something of value—to help others, to make the world a better place than we found it. As a member of the Life Passion Network, you have the opportunity to submit your own valuable content, have it shared with the world, and at the same time, increase your exposure, leads, and traffic to your website!

Have you ever thought…
Why does it seem so easy for them and so hard for me?
What are they doing that I’m not?

It’s all about using a system & being a part of the right network. One of the greatest myths with online marketing is that you build a popular blog or website all by yourself. But if anything, the opposite is true. Popular bloggers/websites aren’t self-made. They’re appointed.

If you’re a part of a network of like-minded people, they watch what you’re doing, and if they like it, then everything becomes a lot easier. If you write a valuable blog post/article, they all link to it for you – sending you a massive amount of traffic. Or you decide to make a post go viral on twitter and they all tweet it for you – getting you thousands of re-tweets. Then Google notices all of this activity and decides hey – if all of these guys are talking about you – you must be an authority, so let me give you a 1st page ranking.

Can you see the benefit of being a part of the right network? The power of this strategy is unlimited!! It seems like magic from the outside, but really it’s just a matter of having the right connections, the right system, and being a part of the right network.

Building your own network of people is the most important thing you can do online.


“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” ~ Helen Keller


Build Your Brand, Increase Your Exposure, and Generate More Profits!

Here’s How It Works:

  • Step 1: Each month, you may submit an unlimited amount of guest blog posts to us via email at

    Please make sure that it’s new original content (not the same content that you posted on your own blog or anywhere else).

    Please submit quality content that is either educational, empowering, inspiring, or entertaining (preferably Personal Development topics or Online Marketing/Social Media topics). We do NOT tolerate any spam, sales pitches, or posts about business opportunities. Don’t forget the #1 rule of social media: Lead with VALUE and the money will follow!

    Include a short 2-3 sentence bio to be included at the bottom of the post. In the bio, you can include 3 links (for example, a link to your website, twitter, & facebook).

    If you’d like us to include your picture or your logo in the post, please send that to us as well. We can include either one (picture or logo).

    Note: We reserve the right to disapprove a post if we feel that it isn’t quality content or if we feel that the content is not relevant to our readers.

  • Step 2: Once your blog posts have been submitted, please allow a week for them to be approved and posted here on our website at

    Our website is syndicated; therefore, when your content is posted, it will automatically be shared with 100,000+ friends/followers on the top social networks (including Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Diigo, StumbleUpon and more!) For example, on Twitter (, Joy has over 60,000 followers, and Keith ( has over 40,000 followers; therefore, with Twitter alone, your content will be sent to over 100,000 prospects.


  • 10 Personal Development Ebooks

      1. Boost Your Confidence! How to Succeed At Being Yourself
      2. The Wealth Express – Fast & Smart Ways to Infinite Riches
      3. How to Manage and Conquer Depression
      4. Goal Realization Made Easy – Your Guidebook to Lasting Happiness
      5. The Speed Reading Monster Course
      6. Secrets of a Happy Marriage Revealed!
      7. I Can. Therefore, I Will. Unleashing the Full Potential of Your Mind
      8. The Obesity Terminator – The “PROPER” Guide in Losing Weight and Getting Rid of Excess Body Fats
      9. Powerful Ways to Sharpen Your Memory
      10. Sweet Sleep Right Now – Compiled Tried and Tested Bedtime Tips to a Sound and Restful Sleep

  • Links to other FREE Resources

      1. You’ll have the opportunity to order 250 FREE business cards!
      2. FREE WordPress Video Tutorials – This is the #1 blogging platform that we recommend using.
      3. Access to a Site that Offers FREE Advertising for Websites/Blogs (and provides FREE Feedback that will help you improve your site’s marketing effectiveness)
      4. Ability to Create Your Own Online Radio Show for Free – You’ll be able to host a live, Internet Talk Radio show, simply by using a telephone and a computer.
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      7. Need Some Inspiration? You’ll be able to receive inspirational quotes & motivational stories for free!

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