March Madness

By Guest Blogger, Nancy White

Can it be, March Madness already!

How are You doing so far in your Health transformation? Are you continuing with the same great habits you started in January for your mind, body and spirit?

What positive results have your efforts in your health, weight loss or exercise proved thus far? Are there areas are you still want to make changes in, but need a little help? Contact me for a Free Discovery Session.

Remember, making better choices eating, losing weight, getting more quality rest, personal development, managing stress, exercising, usually takes 21-30 days to make a transition. Use your calendar and find an accountability buddy. It is a fact, you will be 50% more likely to succeed in your endeavors when you have a “cheer leader” or an accountability partner.

You deserve to be the best You! not only for yourself, but also for those around you. Tracking and using your planner, calendar, technology tools to remind you each day, will help to keep you on track. Knowledge, Wisdom and Action will enable you to succeed in every area of your life! Good free app is to help monitor your healthy efforts!

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Enjoy March, Spring is around the corner! make the best of each day! You deserve it!

Best in Health and Prosperity,
Nancy White – “The Healthy Cells Chick”

About Nancy
Nancy White

Nancy White is a native of Charlotte, NC. She has a passion for teaching and coaching people to live pro-active, naturally healthy lifestyles. Via her REJVN8U business, Nancy has assisted more than 600 people to improve their health.

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