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How are your cells doing? I bet someone has never asked you that before! Believe me, I never thought about it 40 years ago. Our bodies are such miracles and mysteries!

Cells are the fundamental units of life ‘ the bricks from which all your tissues and organs are made ‘ and are the smallest components considered to be living organisms in your body. Your cells are constantly communicating with each other, responding to your environment and to the signals they receive from what you touch and how you move. If your cells cannot operate efficiently, the functioning of your tissues and organs, which are built of your cells, will become compromised, and you can experience a diminishment of physical functioning and the onset of a host of health conditions and diseases. So, by keeping your cells well nourished, you are keeping yourself well nourished.

The average adult has around 30 trillion cells in his or her body, and every day thousands of new cells are replicated from old ones. New cells are made to replace the old cells that become worn-out or damaged. Providing the raw materials for the creation of these new cells from the nutrients you get in your food is one way that nutrition plays an important role in sustaining your cellular, and therefore your overall health. In addition, certain nutrients also protect your cells from damage.

Cellular Nutrition

How about your skin cells? Your skin cells completely regenerate approximately every 27 days and why do we do not look like cheese cloth?

What are ways you are taking care of your skin? Do you want to do a fun test to see how sensitive your skin is in allowing outside substances to become a part of you? Peal a clove of garlic and put it between your big toe and the next toe. Wait about 15 minutes and see if you can taste garlic in your mouth!

Great skin is your protection, your first impression and your largest organ. Take care of it from the inside out and the outside in.

If your skin is healthy, you shouldn’t notice it or feel it unless you’re looking in the mirror. Healthy skin doesn’t have any unusual sensations. Signs of unhealthy skin sensations include:

Stay tuned for more tips about Your healthy skin cells!

Best in Health and Prosperity,
“The Healthy Cells Chick”

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