By Keith Cook

Have you ever wondered why people don’t change? Why won’t he put the toilet seat down? Why is she so possessive and over bearing? Why doesn’t he ever give in or see things my way? Why does she always point out the bad in every situation? Do these nagging questions and many others cross your mind?

As a culture, we are not conditioned to change. From the time we enter into this life we are told what to do. We are conditioned to think and be a certain way. We are exposed to a particular way of acting and interacting with others. We grow up on the other side of the tracks, so to speak, or on the east side of town.

We are taught in school there’s only one right answer. We are reprimanded if we assist another with the right answer. It’s called cheating. We are conditioned to believe that working together is wrong and that we have to do things by ourselves. We practice the traits of conformity and pinch ourselves off from the abundance and magnificence life has to offer.

The first reason people don’t change is because they are out of practice. You are used to being who you are. Now that is just fine if you are happy and excited about your life. If you are experiencing lasting and rewarding friendships, love, excellent health, and increase, your life is full of events that take you higher and higher.

On the other hand, if you are not happy about your life, if you keep meeting the same dead beat men or women, find yourself in the same financial situation, year after year, the easiest way to create change in your life is simply to start doing one thing different.

Start by not smoking or begin working out. Keep it simple. Instead of aspiring to have the perfect body in ninety days, start walking for ten minutes a day. Give yourself ten minutes. You may not have thirty, so start with ten. Take small steps so you can create momentum, drive and eventually the results you want.

The second reason people don’t change is because they rationalize or tell lies to themselves. I can admit, that I’ve been a lying sack of something. I had an excuse for not working out, for not showing up at events. I was my worst enemy. So I had to change my story. I had to transforms my should to a must. Making it a must made it manifest. As long as I left it a should, it could be put off to another day.

The third reason people don’t change is because they have a weak or ineffective plan of action. It’s OK to admit that you don’t know where to start. Most people don’t. But do not allow that to stop you. Take some time to research what you want to do. You can pretty much find anything you want via the internet. So, Google your idea and see what results you get.

If someone has already invented an idea similar to yours or just like it, no worries, move forward and create your own. Just because McDonald’s created the first burger, that didn’t stop Burger King from opening its doors.

Find someone who has done what you want to accomplish. You could ask that person to mentor you which would be just like having someone take you by the hand and show you what to do from A to Z. Hopefully this person has experienced a level of success to your wanting and they can assist you in expanding your thoughts, words, and actions. This will provide you with security and guaranteed results. Do your best to remember that your idea is your idea and the world is excited to receive you.

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