Hello, my name is Keith Cook, CC. I’m a Team Builder, Relationship Coach and Published Author (certified through the Life Purpose Institute). In sharing my experiences, I hope you shall remember and become aware of your ability to create your life as you desire. My life, my experiences provide me with amazing events of awareness to the good that surrounds me and everyone.

In 1999, I returned home after being in the Air Force. I completed 4 years in the military and thought I was ready to enter corporate America.

Tax time came the next year and I stood there with 8 different W-2’s. Wow is right. I did not know what I wanted to do. I went back to school and majored in computers. Upon graduating from school, I got my loan officer license.

I did not do as well as I wanted and didn’t have a plan as to how to make things better. I bounced around from company to company with the same result. I figured out what the problem was. It was me and I was blaming everyone around me for my lack of success and happiness.

I became a contract underwriter and started traveling the US. It was like being in the military due to the travel and all the wonderful people I met. I was on the road for about 2 years. Then I landed a job at the world’s second largest insurance company. As a contract underwriter, I was making great money. My first year there, I made over eighty thousand dollars. Sounds great! Now comes the good part. I was working 12 to 18 hour shifts, 6 and 7 days a week. It was by choice. I knew I could only keep this up for a period of time. No time for me. No time for anybody, but work.

My work was exceptionally boring and unrewarding. I was thankful to have a job and to be making good money. But really, they could train monkeys to do this work. I knew there was something better for me and being in corporate America, trading my time for money was not enough. I felt like I was wasting away.

A friend recommended I read this book called “The Secret. From the moment I picked it up, I was inspired to want more, to be more, and to have more in my life. I purchased the CD’s so I could listen to them at work. I recall being introduced to this information in the 7th grade by my coach. I remembered how wonderful and exciting my thoughts and my life were at that time. It was due to reading that sparked new thoughts and ideas. This information was so intriguing and stimulating. I decided to leave corporate America and make my own mark on the world by inspiring others to follow their dreams.

As a loan officer, I met a Realtor® in Charlotte, NC named Joy. We began to share our thoughts and experiences and discovered we’d read many of the same books. We knew the lifestyle we wanted to live would be very challenging to accomplish while trading our time for money. So we put our inspiration together, took responsibility for our lives and created LifePassion.net. My life has been a magnificent trip ever since.

We share a passion for teaching and making others aware of the inherent power within us all. My purpose is to promote, empower, and inspire you while making you aware of the ability to create your life as you desire.

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I believe they shall provide you with inspiration and awareness as you navigate through life.