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By Joy Bing Fleming, MBA and Keith Cook

We’re honored to be ranked #3 among the Top 100 Life Coach Blogs. Thank you so much. This is truly a blessing. We’re thankful to be able to have a business focused on helping others find and follow their passion in life. We love our clients and look forward to assisting many more!

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By Keith Cook and Joy Bing Fleming, MBA

Are you going through a challenging time in your life? Are you focused on what you don’t have instead of being grateful for what you DO have? Hear Bethany Hamilton’s story of overcoming the odds after a shark attack.

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Nick Vujicic Married


By Joy Bing Fleming, MBA

Are you familiar with Nick Vujicic? If not, he’s truly an inspiration. He’s a man born without arms or legs who lives a more fulfilled life than many able-bodied individuals.

Ask yourself – Are you concentrating on what you don’t have instead of focusing on what you do have?

When Nick was younger, he used to think – I’m never going to get married, I’m not going to have a job, I’m not going to have a life of purpose. He used to think – what kind of husband can I be if I can’t even hold my wife’s hand? But, you know what?

Nick Vujicic married Kanae Miyahara, and they have a healthy … Read More »

3 Ways Appreciation Can Work For You

By Keith Cook

Recently, I’ve been working with a client that was experiencing a great deal of stress in her life. She had a habit of dwelling on the same negative thoughts. I shared with her the simple but extremely effective technique of making a list of things to be thankful for or to appreciate.

Making a list of things to be grateful for and appreciate provides you with a visual reminder. You can go back to this list, add to it, and make adjustments. It is a simple tool to build discipline and keep you focused on giving your attention to the abundant goodness and well being present in life.

Appreciation has the magnificent power to transform and create … Read More »

By Keith Cook

What happened to the days when the customer was right? Has the idea “being of service” taken a back seat to dwindling financial bottom lines? Have you come to expect “bad” customer service? Do you see an end to the non-courteous, unprofessional interaction with customer service reps?

So why do you think so many people have a bad taste in their mouth when it comes customer service? Unhappiness. A lot of people are doing jobs, in professions, making a living at things that do not bring them happiness and it shows in their performance in life across the board.

Imagine this; someone works, eight, ten or twelve hours a day, for two-hundred and forty working days a … Read More »

Are You Ready to Ask For Help

By Guest Blogger, Deborah Guido

Today is a day like any other day, a day that you are busy and have so much to do but would you like it to be different? We are all good at many things but some are better at them and that is why they specialize in or are an expert in their field. Imagine working with an expert at something you need help with that you may not know much about. Sometimes we go it alone and stumble and are frustrated with the lack of results due to not knowing the best way to handle a task. If we stop and think about it, would it have been better to get the help, … Read More »

3 Reasons Why People Don’t Change

By Keith Cook

Have you ever wondered why people don’t change? Why won’t he put the toilet seat down? Why is she so possessive and over bearing? Why doesn’t he ever give in or see things my way? Why does she always point out the bad in every situation? Do these nagging questions and many others cross your mind?

As a culture, we are not conditioned to change. From the time we enter into this life we are told what to do. We are conditioned to think and be a certain way. We are exposed to a particular way of acting and interacting with others. We grow up on the other side of the tracks, so to speak, or on … Read More »