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Smile Stress Relief

By Guest Blogger, Tina Warner

As I sit down at my computer to write this blog, the mere thought of adding “just one more thing” to my busy schedule makes me anxious and stressed. I immediately recognize it and begin to laugh. It’s the little things like an incoming email notice to an already over-loaded inbox, job demands, a traffic jam, or any number of seemingly mundane things that can put us over the edge. Stress is a given but how we handle those things that are not always under our control will make all the difference in the world. Simple changes can help on-going stress from becoming chronic stress and keep your body healthy. Here are a few simple … Read More »

Check Out Emmanuel Ngwainmbi’s New Book!

Bo-Aku: Undisputed King of the Forest

Press Release By Crossroad Press

The official release of the print edition of this book will be February 15, 2015. The digital edition was released in January.

Bo-Aku: Undisputed King of the Forest

by Emmanuel Ngwainmbi

Bo Aku, King of the Forest and other Stories is an adaptation of some sixty myths and legends collected in Africa with a research grant from the Southern Education Foundation.

The stories describe the experiences of children and parents confronted by a gorilla and lion in the African jungle. They are eclectic, rich in moral values, humorous, suspenseful, and contain wisdom. They seek to enlighten the reader about Bantu African mythology and other ways of reasoning. They open the door to an enchanted universe … Read More »

BJ Greer

By Guest Blogger, BJ Greer

The biggest holiday gift-giving season has just passed. However, there are many more times and reasons to give gifts than just “the big one!” There are several different groups of people that might warrant gift giving. But if you’re wondering when to give business gifts and who to recognize, a general rule of thumb is to send gifts to the people who help make your company great.

In general, this includes clients, employees, and certain service providers. Read on for some tips about when to give business gifts and who you should send them. You’re going to learn some creative gift giving ideas.

Gifts for Clients

I recommend sending something small to all of … Read More »

Top 100 Life Coach Blogs

By Joy Bing Fleming, MBA and Keith Cook

We’re honored to be ranked #3 among the Top 100 Life Coach Blogs. Thank you so much. This is truly a blessing. We’re thankful to be able to have a business focused on helping others find and follow their passion in life. We love our clients and look forward to assisting many more!

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We invite you to schedule your Complimentary “Exploration” Session where we’ll have a conversation about your life & goals, to find out what’s important to you, and to see if there’s something coaching could make an … Read More »

By Keith Cook and Joy Bing Fleming, MBA

What would you do if you went blind within 48 hours? Would you give up or would you persevere and keep moving forward? Hear Travis Freeman’s Story of Triumph.

Are you going through a hard time in your life? If so, we’re here to assist you with a living a happier, more fulfilled and passionate life.

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By Keith Cook and Joy Bing Fleming, MBA

Do you over-analyze (and over-think) situations and consequently a decision or action is never taken, in effect paralyzing the outcome? If so, the concept of “Ready – Fire – Aim” will assist you.

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By Keith Cook and Joy Bing Fleming, MBA

Are you going through a challenging time in your life? Are you focused on what you don’t have instead of being grateful for what you DO have? Hear Bethany Hamilton’s story of overcoming the odds after a shark attack.

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