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When I read the book, The Secret, I found myself intrigued by the connection to God and the Law of Attraction. The Secret presents the Law of Attraction has something generic in our universe that is available for everyone to use in their daily life. The book explains that if you learn how to use the Law of Attraction then you will be able to attract whatever you want in life as long as you truly believe and have faith.

I immediately knew that if the Law of Attraction was a function of our universe than God was definitely involved because he created the universe. What became crystal clear to me was that The Secret was really describing what faith in God truly meant. Before that point I really didn’t know what ‘having faith in God’ was really all about. I had certainly heard about faith over the years in church but didn’t understand what my role was in ‘having faith’. Through the reading of The Secret a light bulb went off for me that ‘having faith’ meant to do exactly what the book described as ‘using the Law of Attraction’. It meant that if I am having faith in God about something – for example a new relationship or a new job, then I needed to think, talk and act like I believed God was taking care of the situation. What I learned by truly practicing faith is that it is one of the most active processes I have ever done. I had to begin thinking, talking and acting like I had already received what I was having faith in God about. For me , even though I was a naturally positive person, I had to reprogram how I went through my day. We all have so many thoughts that race through our minds over and over and I had to make sure these thoughts reflected my faith in God about a situation. Once my thoughts were on the right track then my conversations with others began following in line with my faith as well. Was it easy? Some days – yes and some days – no! We all wake up in different moods or we are impacted by what others do to us which can make the faith process much harder.

God is the key to faith becoming easier. If it were just up to me to practice the Law of Attraction then it would be an up hill battle because I would be different each and every day. The great news is that God has given us Jesus Christ as our Savour and with that amazing gift we also have the Holy Spirit. Faith is actually a Holy Spirit gift from God so being filled with the Holy Spirit allows me to have faith, whereas on my own I would just try to have faith but continue to fail. Sure I might have some days that I would do pretty good being positive but the ride is so much easier with God’s gifts.

I encourage you to accept that God is the creator of the universe and therefore responsible for every great feature. Explore that the Law of Attraction is really what having faith in God is all about. Once I did my life and journey with God began to soar which ultimately led me to the beautiful beaches of Charleston, SC.

Something to think about for my next blog: Does ‘having faith’ mean that God will give you whatever you ask for all the time?

Toes in the Sand. Nena

Read below to learn more about Nena and her book, Toes in the Sand:

After experiencing a number of heartbreaking personal and family life events during the peak of the recent economic downturn, Nena read The Secret and discovered the Law of Attraction that changed her life forever. Through this learning experience, she developed an unwavering faith in God that triggered astonishing and wonderful events, which allowed her to move from Columbus, Ohio and plant her toes forever in the warm and reassuring sands of the beaches in Charleston, South Carolina — the city of her dreams.

The unexpected and tragic loss of her learning-disabled brother was the first in what would turn out to be a chain of challenging events. This initial tragedy was quickly followed by her husband losing his job just as the economy took a nose-dive, her son experiencing a second shoulder injury that ended his college baseball career, and Nena contracting a life threatening MRSA bacterial infection. These situations, coupled with her stressful job for a national financial institution where she was continually faced with the gut-wrenching task of laying off numerous employees, caused her previously “warm and fuzzy” life to spin out of control. After months of trying to work through all of this craziness on her own, God placed the book, The Secret, in her life and showed her the Law of Attraction and the gift of unwavering faith. As she began to practice this faith and shift her thoughts, feelings, and conversations to reflect what she truly wanted out of life, events began miraculously falling in place, creating an extraordinary journey that was not only a blessing to Nena but has also served as a wonderful inspiration to others.

This exciting journey included Nena boldly volunteering for a severance package from her company even though her husband was unemployed, selling their house in seven days at the lowest point in the mortgage industry meltdown, quickly finding a beautiful rental home by the beach in Charleston, South Carolina, and finding employment opportunities soon after arriving in her dream city. Being able to plant her toes in the sand on a daily basis is just one of the many wonders God has given to Nena since she grasped this gift of unwavering faith. She is now enjoying a wonderful life and using unwavering faith in God in every aspect of her life.

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