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Relationship marketing is all about building long-term relationships with customers, prospective customers and business associates. Sending business thank you notes really makes a lasting impression and can help increase your bottom line if and when you get it right!

You can drive repeat business by simply using thank you notes and take your business to a whole new level! It’s all about going the extra mile … and it works because people want to continue doing business with people who make this extra effort.

Yet many entrepreneurs, small business owners and sales professionals fail to grasp the simple fact that they need to show their customers how grateful they are for their business (without turning every letter or email into a product push). A thank you card after a referral or a sale helps to make customers feel valued and appreciated.

I have a simple program that allows me to recognize 10 people every month for anything from showing appreciation for business, to having a birthday or special occasion, to sympathy for lost ones, and the list goes on. I know that if I can think of 10 people, it has been a good month and I have every right to be thankful!

If we are to achieve our goals in this competitive world, we cannot underestimate the power saying thank you in business. Become a card sender today and not only will your attitude change about your business, it will change your outlook on life as well! And that’s a good thing…..

“The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.”
William James

About Jerilyn

Jerilyn McDonald is CEO & President, JM Unlimited Inc, organized for professional acting and providing creative marketing services entrepreneurs, small business owners and sales professionals. She can be seen on stage and screen in and around Charlotte, and especially
loves Broadway Musical Theatre.

Jerilyn particularly enjoys working with other actors, artists, authors, photographers, women business owners, and non-profits, providing creative marketing and business ownership strategies. Her primary business tool to accomplish these goals is SendOutCards, an online greeting card, photo and gifting service, that allows individuals, businesses and organizations the ability to send out appreciation and related sentiments quickly, thoughtfully, creatively and economically to anyone in the world!

Jerilyn is native Texan (proud of it!) but has called Charlotte home for many years. She is blessed with a loving, supportive family and enjoy traveling any chance she gets. She is growing a worldwide customer base of happy, creative card senders and looks forward to the next one she can help get started!

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