By Keith Cook

Recently, I’ve been working with a client that was experiencing a great deal of stress in her life. She had a habit of dwelling on the same negative thoughts. I shared with her the simple but extremely effective technique of making a list of things to be thankful for or to appreciate.

Making a list of things to be grateful for and appreciate provides you with a visual reminder. You can go back to this list, add to it, and make adjustments. It is a simple tool to build discipline and keep you focused on giving your attention to the abundant goodness and well being present in life.

Appreciation has the magnificent power to transform and create abundant wealth, excellent health, unlimited love and infinite prosperity in any situation.

There are 3 levels of appreciation.

1. The first level of appreciation is the level at which you recognize the positive events that happen around you. You notice events that stimulate your senses and you experience good feeling emotions. You give thanks for waking up in the morning, for you health, your eye sight and movement.

2. The second level of appreciation requires you to take a different perspective of appreciation. It’s like seeing the silver lining in the cloud. On this level, you really have to dig deeper and pull the good out of a seemingly bad situation.

Let’s take this example for instance. During these uncertain economic times, you are laid off from your job, only to find the work that you love, are passionate about, pays more money, and provides you with the freedom you desire. Or your car was totaled but you came out without a scratch.

The experience of appreciation on the second level suggests that you take a negative event and look at it from the other side of the fence. From that stand point, you gain a deeper emotional connection and intuitive wisdom for appreciation.

3. On the third and final level of appreciation, you experience an increased level of bliss and enlightenment all around you. By allowing you appreciation to evolve thru practice and meditation, you gain use of instinctive awareness and insight. Maintaining this level of focus for appreciation and gratitude, makes life a continual feast of beauty, enjoyment and wonder. When you experience appreciation on this level, you harness the natural flow of well being and oneness that is inherent in all living things.

Keeping a list of appreciative and grateful items will serve as a daily reminder of all the little things you take for granted. It will help you stay focused, disciplined and provide you with rejuvenated faith and confidence.

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