By Keith Cook

1. Start each day as early as 3 am.
That’s right. I know that sounds insane. 3am is just too early. I used to think that too until I was introduced to a 75 years young lady by the name of Ernestine Shepherd.

Ernestine has been crowned the world’s oldest female body builder. She wakes up at 3am every day, meditates and runs 10 miles. This is all accomplished before 6 am. Now we’ve all heard that old saying, “we do more before 6am then you do all day.” Someone successful is responsible for that statement. I’ve never met a successful person who sleeps in until noon.

2. F.o.c.u.s. Follow One Course Until Successful.
Multi-tasking is one of the biggest roadblocks to success. So many people are attempting to do several things, at once. They text and drive, people talk while they are eating, some people put on make-up, while eating a biscuit and talking on the phone while driving a stick shift. I mean an accident just waiting to happen. That’s why it’s so important to concentrate on one activity at a time. Give it all of your attention and focus until it’s complete.

One way to assist you in getting organized is to make a list of the 5 most important and challenging tasks that need to be accomplished the next day. By making a list of the tasks that need to be completed, as you complete each task, you can cross it off you list. This provides you with a visual reminder of the progress you’ve made throughout the day. By tackling the hardest tasks first, you set the tone for the rest of the day. This builds momentum and before you know it, everything you do just falls into place.

3. No email or FB before 12pm.
Unless you are using FB or some social media platform to grow your business, hold off on checking your emails and your FB status. This can be a major distraction and kill your momentum. This could easily lead to tasks that are the least bit productive. What you are positioning yourself to do is create a habit that puts you in action to get the results you want.

4. Critique each day before you go to sleep.
At night, while you are setting on the couch or lying in bed, replay the events of the day. If something happened during the day that didn’t go as planned, replay what happened in your mind and imagine events unfolding in your favor. So if someone cut you off on the road, picture them signaling and then making a safe lane change. Or if a business meeting didn’t go as planned, visualize it as if it went smoothly. This allows you to make adjustments or improvements, which can translate into more efficiency and more production.

5. Re-energize yourself every day
You owe it to yourself to do something that is fun and exciting every day. After you’ve worked hard, you deserve to come home and enjoy yourself. Set aside time each day just for you. If you want to watch cartoons and eat a bowl of cereal for 30 minutes to an hour, do it. If you want to meditate, ride a bike, You-tube or play video games for an hour, that’s OK too.

What’s important, is that you do something that brings you joy and do it every day. Challenge yourself to discover new wonderful things to enjoy. Make it a game to see how many fun things you can think of and do. It’s just as important to reward yourself as it is to be diligent at serving others.

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