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By Guest Blogger, Tina Warner

As I sit down at my computer to write this blog, the mere thought of adding “just one more thing” to my busy schedule makes me anxious and stressed. I immediately recognize it and begin to laugh. It’s the little things like an incoming email notice to an already over-loaded inbox, job demands, a traffic jam, or any number of seemingly mundane things that can put us over the edge. Stress is a given but how we handle those things that are not always under our control will make all the difference in the world. Simple changes can help on-going stress from becoming chronic stress and keep your body healthy. Here are a few simple stress relief practices that I learned over the years to put you at ease.

Smile/Laugh. A cheerful heart is like good medicine. Laughter gives a burst of energy and boosts the immune system. It relieves physical tension, leaving your muscles relaxed, and improves mood. Also, allows you to see situations in a different light.

Breathe. Breathe deeply for one minute (about 3-5 reps). Inhale to the count of 4 through your nose, hold for 7 counts, then exhale through your mouth slowly to the count of 8. As you exhale feel the tension being released throughout your body. This increases oxygen throughout the bloodstream and helps calm the body. Deep breathing improves memory and concentration.

Meditation. Whether religious or secular, meditating even 5-15 minutes is very beneficial. The body needs down time to recharge. Being still and quieting your mind isn’t easy. Bringing your mind under submission without drifting to other concerns may take some time learning, but don’t give up. Whatever you exercise gets stronger, so practice, practice, and practice. Not only will you be more relaxed and at peace, but the benefits of awareness and focus are empowering!

Use Adaptogens.
A daily dose of Adaptogenic botanicals, like those in our Ionix Supreme, provide a natural means reducing the harmful effects of stress on the body without toxicity. Some other benefits of Adaptogens are: memory support, mental clarity and focus, athletic performance and stamina, antioxidant protection and healthy aging.

There is no way to completely avoid stress, but you can take small measures to manage it. De-stressing is no longer a luxury reserved for spas but a necessity. Take time to make your health a priority.

About Tina
Tina Warner

Tina has a special place in her heart for hurting women. Many are so busy juggling kid’s schedules, home, work, and taking care of aging parents, usually at their own expense. She became a successful entrepreneur showing women how to carve out small blocks of time to improve their well-being through at-home spa and relaxation sessions.

With a slowing metabolism and no energy, she steadily gained weight over the past two decades. She was afraid of where things were headed. With a family history of obesity she saw firsthand the ill effects that poor nutrition and unhealthy living has on an individual and on a family. Tina was determined not to be a statistic. She began a course in nutrition and partnered with a company on its journey to set people physically and financially free. Over-coming generational obesity, Tina is dedicated to helping others get their life back. You deserve to enjoy life in abundant health, wealth, and wholeness.

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