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They are often found appearing live, on a blog near you. Nuggets of good information, they are. They are tips. They come in peace. But like everything else in life, too much of anything can be detrimental to one’s health (eyesight). Do we really need five more ways to blog, Tweet or get LinkedIn?

I was minding my business online not too long ago when I swore I found a batch of recycled (rewritten) tips for maximizing blogs. Perhaps some of the musings are worth repeating — content is king when it comes to your business — but my favorite gowns can only be worn twice a year (and I pray that no one has seen me in them the first time!) and so should some of these tips. Understandably, free-sharing advice is indeed a godsend in today’s capitalist/everyone-with-an-internet-connection-is-a-business-owner world but there are only so many ways to repackage a gift; enough is enough. For those who are becoming inundated with it all, here are the tips, for the tips:

Smile and nod. Remember your manners: say thank you, even if you don’t have any intentions on using the gifts. You’ve accepted the useless many times before: a bulky Christmas sweater, although you’re Jewish. A Carolina Panthers jersey, but you’re a Baltimore Ravens’ fan (for life!) One reader’s trash is another reader’s treasure.

Try it before you buy (into) it. Much of what has been posted in tip form is user-friendly, easy to read information. The key to deciding if the tidbits works for you, is to give it the old college try. Test the tips for yourself.

Treat it like trash. (reuse, recycle, reject) There isn’t a law against using what only works for you. Your inbox will thank you for not collecting every tip ever received.

As I have noted, tips are posted everywhere online. Those who have the ability to read them and use them to an advantage — myself included — are tremendously grateful for the advice. But sometimes less is more when it comes to seeing the same messages in blogs, separated by numbers. Ultimately, when we come across the tips we should simply thank the blogger, use whatever advice works best and move on with our lives.


Tyjuana Wilson is a freelance writer, copywriter and consultant who provides to small business owners: articles, press releases, website/blog content, newsletter copy, and more. More importantly, she is also watching her 14-year-old diva, Tyra, grow before her eyes. Click here and check out Ty’s e-book, “What to blog about…” for free.

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